Is Smart Glass the perfect solution for modern home offices?

The ideal choice for home offices with open floor designs is smart film and glass. Discover the benefits of using switchable glass walls to design flexible offices by reading this post.


With the flip of a button, smart glass transforms from clear to frosted, offering immediate seclusion. Because it enhances open concept floor layouts, it has become a developing trend for home offices, where it dramatically improves home office design. Although the office can be visually connected to the living area when the glass is clear, privacy may be required during working hours.

Smart glass with built-in privacy is available to order. Our smart glass is placed by your neighborhood glazier just like conventional glass since it has a switchable PDLC film layer sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The alternative is to use our smart film to convert your current glass into smart glass.


Switchable glass walls have advantages over conventional walls.

Instant Privacy: Smart glass may be instantly frosted at the touch of a button, a switch, a smartphone, or even a voice command. Having to manually change the drapes and shades during the day makes it simpler to adapt your home office to your changing demands.

Natural Light: If ordinary walls were to separate the home office from the main area, it is possible that the office would not have windows. Glass walls allow natural light to enter the office, making it more cheerful, upbeat, and productive.

Open Views: People can enjoy views of the outside and inside living area with fewer interruptions thanks to switchable film and glass.

Noise reduction: Noise is muffled by glass. The glass’ composition gives smart glass improved noise reduction capabilities.

Clear Design: Smart glass has a distinctly simple appearance.

Switchable Glass Doors: Smart glass and smart film can be installed on doors, walls, and windows with operable glass.

Considering adding smart glass to your home office? One of our product experts can help you locate the ideal solution for your home workstation if you contact us and describe your project in detail.


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